Fully Customizable VIP Tour

Premium Fully Customized Private Tour – Something More Special, More Unique and More Enjoyable!

Experience something more special, more unique and more enjoyable with the help of a highly experienced, knowledgeable yet friendly guide-interpreter. This is the quality services specifically tailored to meet your preferences, interests, and schedule.

Tours are organized just for you not only in Kyoto but also to Nara, Osaka and Kobe and other neighboring regions.

Free Consultation on Your Itinerary

In addition to all our efforts to make your stay unforgettable and enjoyable, we even offer you free consultation on your itinerary, which includes not only where to visit or how to go but also unique experiences such as tasting Japanese authentic dishes at a traditional Japanese restaurant, wearing a Kimono, Sake tasting, an original paper fan making, Japanese stencil dyeing, tea ceremony, Zen meditation and more!

Pick-up Place and Transportation

The guide will pick you up at your hotel or the place of your own selection and take you wherever you would like to visit by public transportation, by taxi, on foot or by mixed means according to your preferences.

Hands-on Programs

If you want to participate in hands-on programs or Japanese cultural experiences, you require reservations beforehand.
Some programs are not available every day and we check the availability upon your request.

In Kyoto, you can enjoy experiencing the following programs.

  • Dining Experience at a Japanese traditional restaurant
  • Wearing a Kimono
  • Dressing as Maiko (Geisha)
  • Sake Tasting
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Zen Meditation
  • Original Paper Fan Making
  • Japanese Stencil Dyeing
  • Indigo Dyeing
  • Making Japanese Sweets
  • Samurai Kenbu (Sword-play) Lesson

Guide Fee (yen)

1 to 9 persons 10 to 15 persons16 to 20 persons
4 hours20,00023,00026,000
5 hours23,000 26,00029,000
6 hours26,00029,00032,000
7 hours29,00032,00035,000
8 hours32,00035,00038,000

Additional hour: 3,000 yen per hour
Luxury Hotel: Plus 5,000 yen
An extra fee may apply for a group of people with 21 or more people. Please inquire us for the guide fee.

The tour fee does not include the following fees and you are requested to pay for the actual costs.
– admission fees (for you)
– transportation fees (for you and a guide)
– meals (for you and a guide, if the guide is requested to sit at the same table with you.)

*Free consultation of the route planning available. For further inquiries, please use the contact form or send an e-mail to info@narawalk.com (Kyoto Premium Tours is operated by NaraWalk).
You can also contact us at the following phone numbers. 090-9708-0036, 090-8126-1849.

Friendly tours for the physically challenged guests are available. The following places are accessible in wheelchairs: Kiyomizudera Temple, Heian Shrine, Golden Pavilion, Ryoanji Temple, and Nijo castle. Please contact us for details.

Make your day in Japan unforgettable…