Hired Car Tour

Hired car tour escorted by a guide with national licence

Not only relaxing and comfortable, but also the best choice to explore the most of Kyoto in a restricted amount of time.

Our Kyoto Premium Tours by Chartering Taxi enable you to visit your favorite places easily and comfortably.

The most popular sightseeing sites are widely scattered throughout Kyoto, and sightseeing by chartering taxi is not only relaxing and comfortable, but also the best choice to explore the most of Kyoto in a restricted amount of time. Moreover, you can fully appreciate the charms of the hidden narrow alleys of Kyoto, accessible only to taxies (not buses).

One of our highly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly guides will escort you and explain the history and culture of Japan and Kyoto. We are confident that “Kyoto Premium Easy Go around Tour” will go above and beyond your expectations!

Guide Fee and an estimated cost of chartering one taxi(yen)

Regular sedan/
Toyota crown
(1-3 guests)
Toyota Alphard
(1-5 guests)
(max 8 guests)
4 hours20,000 + 23,60020,000 + 28,40020,000 + 30,800
5 hours23,000 + 29,50023,000 + 35,50023,000 + 38,500
6 hours26,000 + 35,40026,000 + 42,60026,000 + 46,200
7 hours29,000 + 41,30029,000 + 49,70029,000 + 53,900
8 hours32,000 + 47,20032,000 + 56,80032,000 + 61,600
Regular sedan/Toyota crown (1-3 guests)
4 hours20,000 + 20,800
5 hours23,000 + 26,000
6 hours26,000 + 31,200
7 hours29,000 + 36,400
8 hours32,000 + 41,600
Toyota Alphard (1-5 guests)
4 hours20,000 + 24,880
5 hours23,000 + 31,100
6 hours26,000 + 37,320
7 hours29,000 + 43,540
8 hours32,000 + 49,760
Jumbo (max 8 guests)
4 hours20,000 + 26,880
5 hours23,000 + 33,600
6 hours26,000 + 40,320
7 hours29,000 + 47,040
8 hours32,000 + 53,760

To know your total cost, please add the taxi fare to the guide fee. (The taxi fare varies slightly according to the taxi company available for the day tour.)

Capacity excludes a driver and a guide.
The hours above can be extended by each additional 30 minutes for an extra charge.
*The admission fee and the parking fee are excluded.
*The credit cards accepted in advance payment on the internet.

  • “Kyoto Premium Tours” is an organization consisting of professional guide-interpreters and does not arrange a car without offering guide service.
  • The 10-seater jumbo taxi accommodates the maximum of 8 passengers excluding a driver and a guide.
  • The 5-seater sedan and crown accommodates the maximum of 3 passengers excluding a driver and a guide.

NARA WALK is a group of professional guide-interpreters.
We request you that you pay the guide fee to NARA WALK and the taxi fare directly to a taxi driver in cash on the spot.

  • Guide fee: credit cards accepted in advance payment on the internet. (no handling charge)
  • Taxi fare: cash (Japanese yen) accepted on the spot by a driver*

*However, for your convenience, you may pay the taxi fare to Nara Walk together with the guide fee through paypal payment prior to your tour date with 5% handling charge added.

Places to Visit

Please select the duration from the recommended itinerary listed below.
Each course is the best selection of the most popular sight-seeing sights in Kyoto.

Recommended Itinerary:

  • 4 hrs:
    Nijo Castle – Golden Pavilion – Ryoanji Temple – Gion
  • 5 hrs:
    Nijo Castle – Golden Pavilion – Ryoanji Temple – Arashiyama or Heian Shrine
  • 6 hrs:
    Nijo Castle – Golden Pavilion – Ryoanji Temple – Gion – Kiyomizu Temple
  • 7hrs:
    Nijo Castle – Golden Pavilion – Ryoanji Temple – Gion – Kiyomizu Temple – Fushimiinari
  • 8hrs:
    Nijo Castle – GoldenPavilion – Ryoanji Temple – Arashiyama – Gion – Kiyomizu Temple – Fushimiinari
  • Nijo Castle is replaced by Sanjusangendo Hall when it is closed: 26 Dec.- 4 Jan., Tuesdays in Jan. Jul. Aug. Dec. (Wednesday when Tuesday falls on a public holiday.)
  • Arashiyama includes bamboo grove and Tenryuji Temple.
  • The number of visiting places slightly varies according to your pace and the condition of the traffic.
  • Lunch time is not included for 4 hrs tour.
  • The above places might be replaced by the places listed below according to seasonal changes, weather condition, crowdedness, your preferences and for other reasons.
    e.g. Silver pavilion, Daitokuji Temple, Nanzenji temple, Sanjusangendo Hall, Nishiki Food Market, Shorenin Temple, Daikakuji Temple, Tofukuji Temple
  • If the places of your own selection are not included in the places listed above but located nearby those places, please inquire of us about the feasibility.
  • If you would like to make your destinations and plans more special and original, please refer to our Kyoto Premium Fully Customized Tour and inquire of us about it.

Places to visit

in Alphabetical Order

  • Arashiyama (Tenryuji Temple and Bamboo grove)
    Enhanced by the surrounding nature, its garden displays seasonal beauty. Just go out and see an awe-inspiring bamboo grove.

  • Daikakuji Temple
    Be impressed with the elegant building and the pond for boating, moon-viewing etc.

  • Daitokuji Temple
    One of the best places to see a wide variety of Zen gardens.

  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
    Enjoy walking through a large number of vermilion-colored shrine gates!

  • Gion district
    The historic and elegant district of Geiko (Geisha) and Maiko.

  • Golden Pavilion
    Be spellbound by the fascinating beauty of the gold pavilion!

  • Heian Shrine
    Take a pleasant stroll, viewing seasonal flowers and greenery around ponds.

  • Kiyomizu Temple
    Enjoy panoramic views of whole Kyoto City from the stage built on the cliff!

  • Nanzenji Temple
  • Nijo Castle
    Built by the first Tokugawa Shogun, it served as his official residence in Kyoto.

  • Nishiki Food Market
    Kitchen of Kyotoites

  • Ryoanji Temple…
    The world famous rock garden consists of 15 rocks and gravels.

  • Sanjusangendo Hall
    To see 1000 images of life-size Kannon statues is really spectacular.

  • Silver Pavilion
    Appreciate the simple and refined elegance which had a great impact on our culture.

  • Shorenin Temple
    Enjoy the tranquil and serene atmosphere without the bustling crowds!

  • Tofukuji Temple
    The most impressive are gorgeous autumn leaves, and rock gardens.